Chateau Gerbaud
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Un Vignoble d'exception


The estate is well situated and exposed to plenty of sunshine, which is essential for the ripening of the grapes.

The soil, made of sand and clay, also comprise an area of deep gravel, which is the special feature of Château Gerbaud.

The nature of the soil and the climate of the Libourne region favour a specific selection of grape, that flourish under the ideal growing conditions.

The planted grape varieties at Château Gerbaud are 60% merlot, 20% cabernet franc and 20% cabernet sauvignon.

The vineyard is supervised by an agricultural engineer.


As the vineyard is adjacent to the winery, the harvest is brought directly into the vathouse. Each plot of land is harvested separatly as soon as the grapes have reached optimal ripeness. The grape harvest is then carefully sorted.

Our winery is laid outr in such a manner that the traditional methods of wine-making are respected.

A constant temperature is necessary in order for the wine to mature well, which is why we attach great importance to the quality and layout of our winery.




First of all wine is carefully vinified in thermoregulated tanks and then aged in traditional Bordeaux barrels.

The wine is bottled in the second year. Between six months and a year later, the bouquet begins to develop.

The anthocyantannins gradually modify, producing a full and well-balanced wine, with a velvety colour that varies according to the age and vintage year.